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2023 Outstanding Women in Family Business Award Winners Announced!

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Weatherford, TX, June 20, 2023 — Leading family business advisors Meridian Associates, Inc. announce their 10th annual Outstanding Women in Family Business Award Winners! Rainer Montgomery (AL) takes home the award in the Owner category, and Christina Pittman (TX) wins the Non-Owner category!


Rainer Montgomery, winner of the Owner category, has been the owner of Superior Gas, Inc. since 2021. Established by her grandfather in 1948, Rainer took over in April and made 2022 the company’s best business year in a decade! She considers this one of her greatest accomplishments and describes how much hard-work she put in to get Superior Gas, Inc. thriving again. Out of all the owners nominated for this award, Rainer’s resiliency, work ethic, and willingness to step up is what made her stand out amongst the crowd.

Rainer’s advice to other women is to “remember that you’re just as significant as a male… you are just as capable of managing a man or employee, because you can understand what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to learn.”


Christina Pittman, Dispatch Manager at Davidson Oil, a DavidsonTeal Company, won the Non-Owner category. Starting her role in 2021, Christina began her position as a dispatch manager without any prior experience in the Petro industry, but quickly fit into the role perfectly. Since then, she has also completed her master’s degree, balancing her studies with her current role giving her the confidence and experience to handle stress and work with a team. As a natural leader and hard worker, Christina received the most nominations in the award’s history and proudly accepted it at this year’s Women in Family Business!

Christina’s advice to other women is to, “not to take things personally and have confidence! Know who you are and don’t worry about what others think of you.”


The Outstanding Woman in Family Business Award recognizes professional women in family businesses for outstanding performance. Nominees are judged on various criteria including their contribution to a company, their overall impact on the industry, leadership qualities, and their contribution to those around them in their business or community. The award starts with an online nomination, the Top 10 are selected, phone interviews are conducted and finally, an outside panel of businesswomen choose the winner.

The award was presented at Meridian’s exclusive, ‘Women in Family Business’ Event on June 15-16, 2023, at the Hollywood Beach Marriott, Hollywood, FL. This event provides a place for professional women in family businesses to network, strategize, and participate in focused mastermind sessions. A highlight of the event is always the Outstanding Woman in Family Business Awards.

The award is presented by Betsi Bixby, Founder/CEO for Meridian Associates, Inc. Betsi says, “Meridian has been at the forefront of honoring women in the once predominately male petroleum industry. I was in a ladies’ room at the Pacific Oil Conference in 1991 with only three other ladies while the men’s room line was out the door. I began chatting with Lila Leathers and she told me she wished more women were leading petroleum companies.

I believe it was that conversation that prompted me to begin honoring women through the Outstanding Woman in Family Business Award 10 years ago.”


For more information on Meridian events and how Meridian assists marketers, please contact Meridian Associates, Inc., at (817) 594-0546 or visit


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