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Why Partner with Meridian?
Family Values
Are Our Values
the meridian mission is to bless family-owned businesses
Our values shape our coaching

Betsi Bixby founded the company on the basic but solid principles of “faith and family first” and this transcends to all aspects of our offerings.

Our Good- faith Promise
We don’t just SAY our methods work – we guarantee them.  We will issue a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied with your Meridian experience.
Our Core values
  • Love – We love God, family, and work
  • Simplify – We simplify the complex
  • Serve – We serve with purpose, passion, and integrity
  • Inspire – We inspire action that gets results
  • Achieve – We consistently achieve powerful results

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Colossians 3:17

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Meet meridian

Betsi Bixby is a former banker who is passionate about family businesses. She started in the petroleum business when she partnered with a petroleum marketer who applied for a loan at her bank. Betsi’s MBA in Finance collided with what she saw in most of the petroleum businesses she encountered. Profitable, growing businesses were borrowing money over and over because they were so cash poor.

Betsi started teaching her partner about cash flow and within six months the health of the business had improved dramatically. The business was paying down debt and there was money in the bank. They decided to share their newfound wisdom with their fellow marketers by holding a seminar on cash flow and inviting Betsi to speak.

Our main purpose is to bless family-owned companies.

At that time (early 1991), bankers were disenchanted with the petroleum industry, and reasonably-priced bank debt was tough to get and keep. Betsi presented her “Banker’s Method of Cash Flow” talk to a group of about 125 petroleum marketers who had annual sales between $2 million and $500 million and cash flow that ranged from tight to severely tight. In her closing remarks, she invited them to call her if they needed help with cash flow or financing. That was a Saturday.

Monday morning, her phone at the bank began ringing, and the seeds for Meridian Associates, Inc. started to sprout. Today, Betsi and Meridian Associates, Inc., provide invaluable advice and guidance to family-owned petroleum-based businesses, helping them grow and expand their market share.

Meet The Meridian Team
Betsi Bixby

As founder of Meridian, helping petroleum marketers reach new heights for three decades, Betsi clarifies and simplifies complicated subjects into concrete, step-by-step processes (The Meridian Method™) that dramatically impact company performance and profits. With commercial banking and a finance MBA as background, putting her early emphasis on practical cash flow, she later added strategic vision and leadership to her winning formula. Betsi married Dr. Dan Lee, a double theology PhD and retired engineer, in 2018. She enjoys her hobby ranching lifestyle and is very proud of her daughter Sheila, who for two years had been occasionally assisting the Meridian team and joined us full time in 2023.

Ken Koger
VP Valuation and Advisory & Shareholder

Bringing serious firepower to our elite Valuation and Advisory department, Ken was a great addition to Meridian in early 2009 and a stockholder/
owner since 2019. Ken’s extensive banking and finance expertise was forged within the trenches of several industries including petroleum. Working environments ranged from smaller entrepreneurial companies to larger NYSE listed corporations. Clients appreciate how he manages to temper his meticulous attention to details and ‘number crunching’ abilities with his real world business savvy to make the numbers accessible, meaningful, and usable in everyday decision making.

Thomas Otley
Director of Strategic Growth

Tom’s passion is to help people and family businesses be the best they can. In leading our Elite program, he coaches Petro leaders to get the
results they want. With more than 30 years coaching experience, he has broad bandwidth to guide teams to accelerate their success, build trust, create unity, and engage in productive conflict which boosts understanding and creates the accountability necessary for excellence.

Kayla Duba
Family Business Specialist

Kayla is a senior team member with Meridian and her familiarity with the industry and genuine character will make you feel like you’ve worked with her for years. Kayla came to Meridian with a strong belief in coaching, learning, and an appreciation for cash flow from her accounting background. Incorporating her passion for legacies and ear for detail, Kayla brings valuable conversation and direction to the marketers who have the pleasure of speaking with her.

James Berner
Valuation Specialist

James came to us with over seven years of complex, financial analysis with a leading Mortgage Underwriting firm. His knowledge includes both
high-level credit and risk analysis coupled with a thorough background and understanding of multilayered loan structures. James graduated from Robert Morris University with a degree in Business Administration, achieving Magna Cum Laude and finished his MBA with Baylor University in August 2019. He and his wife, Nicole, welcomed their first child, Ford, in 2021.
Sheila Janan, M.A.
Event and Marketing Strategist

Producing high-energy events and up-leveling best practices is part of the gift Sheila brings to the Meridian team. She’s looking forward to helping Meridian’s Family Business Specialists grow and serve more families than ever before. She is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and companies thrive!

As Founder of a holistic health business,, she brings her passion of living well to Meridian. Being Betsi’s daughter, she’s thrilled to be a part of the next generation of the Meridian team and is exploring ways she might bless Meridian clients in the future.

Brett Smith
Family Business Specialist

Brett has quickly become a family favorite at Meridian. Balancing an immense business acumen with the charm of your longest-time friend, he guides family business owners to discover where they want to go. Don’t let his calm, friendly voice fool you; Brett is a driver and is always on the lookout for hidden paths to success. Put on your adventure hat and get ready to explore your options with Brett.

Brent Palmer
IT & Marketing Specialist

Brent joined the team in March of 2020 with over 15 years in web development and more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. He handles the website development as well as the digital marketing campaigns at Meridian. He also builds the online learning environment and the e-learning courses. Brent has a Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s Degree in Education. He is married to his wife Shelbe and has 3 sons, also volunteering as a basketball coach at the Frisco fieldhouse.

Madison Roby
Graphic Designer & Marketing

Madison recently joined Meridian with experience in graphic design and marketing. As a young, passionate designer and recent graduate of Washington State University, she is already providing engaging and compelling results for Meridian. With experience working with and volunteering for small businesses, she is eager to assist in the growth process of Meridian’s family businesses.

Ashley Gwinn
Office Administrator

Ashley’s professional background in office management spans several years, rooted in a family business focused on agriculture. Her role at Meridian as an office administrator allows her to leverage this experience to ensure smooth operations for the team. Ashley wears many hats and strives to ensure efficient operations for the Meridian team behind the scenes. She has a servant’s heart, a caring nature, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

In her personal time, Ashley cherishes relaxing evenings at home and enjoys cooking meals for her other half, Eric, and their blended family. With three children of her own and two “bonus” children, her family life is full of adventure and excitement. This shapes a fulfilling balance between her professional and personal responsibilities.

Amanda Day
Family Business Specialist

Amanda Day is a skilled relationship builder with a commercial banking foundation and a thriving career in promotional sales spanning two decades. A Weatherford College graduate, she excels at uniting people to solve challenges. Outside of work, Amanda cherishes time with her lively family of five and maintains strong community connections in Mineral Wells, TX.

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