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  • Personalized Expert Coaching
  • Real-time Forums & Events
  • Online Team Learning

What a meridian membership means for your business…


Attract & Retain The Best Employees

Don’t just hope for the best employees – attract them.

Develop High Performance Teams

Empower employees through delegation & accountability
  • Teach team members to problem-solve…
  • Develop effective systems for accountability…
  • Create productive work flows…

Leverage FAMILY BUSINESS experts

Next-gens & new managers – “learn the industry ropes” faster & smarter 
  • Make informed decisions for growth/acquisitions…
  • Be prepared with expert knowledge for every situation…
  • Get personalized coaching to address your concerns for your company…

Buy or sell

Thinking of Buying or Selling?
Buying, and especially selling, your family business can be a difficult (and even emotional!) decision. BUT, if you have all the FACTS throughout the process, it can make the transaction easier.
  • Learn your company’s (or the company you are buying) true value…
  • Discover tax advantages for an acquisition, merger, or sale right now…
  • Make or accept the RIGHT offer…

Meridian MeMberships Include

Personalized Coaching
Prepare next-gen leaders and new managers. Executive, one-on-one and team coaching.
Education & Networking
Live events, on-line learning, interactive webinars, real-time forums, and comprehensive onboarding programs.
Precise Business Analysis
Our family business experts will guide you to streamline processes, cut costs, and capitalize on opportunities.
Valuations & Advisory
Buy and sell with confidence. Knowing your true company value gives you negotiation power to get top dollar for your family business. And discover new ways to ADD value.

Meridian Membership plans 


24/7 On Demand Learning

Access to Meridian’s Profit Producing Courses

Job Specific Learning

Monthly Live Webinars


All MeridianMembers Access


One-on-one Executive Coaching

Personalized Coaching Webinars

Tickets to Meridian’s Live Events


All M-Power Membership Benefits


Annual On-Site Strategic Planning

Quarterly Customized Onsite Programs that Accelerate Goal Achievement

Why choose meridian

Experience and values

Leverage our expert family business knowledge to wisely grow your business
Meridian Associates is a team of dedicated professional family business specialists with extensive experience providing valuable knowledge and advice to family owned businesses. Meridian has worked with thousands of business owners, helping them grow and expand their market share through coaching, education, valuations, advisory services and more.
  • We prioritize God, family, work
  • We serve with absolute integrity and loyalty
  • We inspire action and accountability that creates results
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