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Precision Valuations

Confidential Services for Buying, Selling and Strategic Planning
Do You Need an Accurate Business Value?

Nobody Knows Petro Value Like Meridian

A valuation is more than just a number. A properly executed valuation is the most important factor in every sale, transfer or purchase.

A quality valuation impacts:


Potential tax consequences


Possible selling price


How a succession, merger or acquisition is executed

Proprietary Valuation Formula

Multiple formulas can be used to derive a value for a business, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The numbers they produce can vary substantially. Meridian uses a proprietary combination of multiple methods to provide the greatest accuracy and confidence in your petroleum business valuation.

Largest Industry Database in the U.S.

Over the years, Meridian has built what is indisputably the industry’s largest financial database of privately-owned family petroleum businesses in the United States. Nobody has their finger on the pulse of the petroleum industry the way Meridian does.

Meridian Knows the Petro Market

The petro marketplace is constantly in motion. The value of each business fluctuates constantly based on both the economy-at-large and industry-specific factors. Meridian knows the petroleum industry inside and out, which means Meridian can value a petro business with greater accuracy than other firms. Meridian’s Precision Valuations give petro marketers confidence to do business.

Ready to Buy or Sell a Petro Business?​

Be confident in the market value so you can get the best deal possible.


We know who’s who in the industry. Meridian maintains the most extensive database of privately-held petroleum businesses in the nation. We maintain your confidentiality while we find the perfect match for your contract.

A Meridian Precision Valuation
puts you in the driver seat,
whether you are buying or
selling. When you are confident
about the value of the company,
you can be sure you are getting
the best deal.


Meridian’s years of petroleum consulting and financial experience go to work to get you the best deal possible. From the Precision Valuation and prospects preparation, to confidential marketing and final negotiations, Meridian covers all the bases so you can sign with confidence.

Future Planning

A Precision Valuation Saves You Money at Critical Crossroads


Most ESOPs (Employee Stock Option Plans) require an annual independent expert valuation by law. Meridian provides consistency, plus we understand the current market conditions in the industry that impact value, for more accuracy than old-fashioned EBITDA-based formulas.


Most estate attorneys want an outside petro expert to establish a value that will satisfy IRS requirements and give them legal separation from the value portion of their legal and trust work. Meridian meets highest standards as true industry experts including all petro sectors and brands.


CPAs realize the petro industry has unique characteristics making valuation difficult without specific industry data. That’s why so many CPAs have come to rely upon Meridian’s expertise and large proprietary database of family held petroleum businesses. Because Meridian has over two decades of experience in providing petro business valuations, even the IRS respects Meridian valuations.


When there are multiple owners in a business, a market valuation is a smart way to support any buy/sell agreement.  Meridian valuations have smoothed owner transitions from death, divorce or simply wanting to go separate directions.


In the competitive banking environment, bankers often need justification beyond typical balance sheet collateral to offer petro marketers their absolute lowest, best customer rates. Meridian works with both the marketer and banker to assure accuracy and addresses individual Credit Committee needs.

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