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Investment Outcome #3: Position Your Business Wisely For The Future

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A Business Valuation Will Help You Thrive In a Post-COVID World

The right business valuation is like money in your pocket. Whether you’re buying, selling, or just growing, a Meridian Precision Valuation will get you the numbers you need, along with analysis to keep your business lean and growing.


We keep the process simple for you. With 3 pieces of information, we can start your valuation.


We keep our valuations lean and mean, focused on the numbers that really matter. That also means a smaller investment for you.


Our goal is to give you at least 3 actionable steps for value growth from the analysis of your numbers.


Absolutely confidential. You’ll only talk with our valuation experts, and nobody else will see or know your numbers.


Because of our proprietary Petro database and process, our valuations are typically within 5% of actual sales prices.


Your Petro business is unique, and we account for what makes you different. You aren’t like other businesses.

Investment Outcome #2: Get LEAN and Grow With a MERIDIAN Valuation

Changes in the marketplace has made all of us wish we had a crystal ball.  First thing you need to know is where your petro business is before you can accelerate into the future.  A Meridian valuation does just that, wisely positions your business for future grow in 2020.

Investment Outcome #1: Regain Lost Sales with a Meridian Valuation

Meridian offers you a way to regain your sales you lost during the recent market disruption with a business valuation.  Business valuations with Meridian is an investment with high ROI, its the strategy you need to triple your investment and accelerate your business in the near future.

Why Everyone Needs A Valuation (And What To Do With One)

You don’t have to be thinking of buying or selling right now, because a precise valuation will help you make your company more valuable as you move forward.

The Story Of How We Started Doing Valuations

Fun story: We didn’t start out doing business valuations! It was only after years of Petro and cash-flow expertise that we were asked to give our perspective. 20+ years later, we’re considered industry experts.

Why Our Valuations Are The Most Precise Out There

We’re able to give you the most precise valuation out there (a 5% variation is REALLY big for a Meridian valuation). Our team of experts constantly track Petro sales data to help make your number as precise as possible.

We Don’t Need To Come On-Site (And Why That Saves You Money!)

We look at your business fundamentals, what we see in your financials, and we know everything driving the market. The upside? We don’t have to come on-site, and that saves you money (most CPAs charge DOUBLE what we charge).

Our Database Will Help You Make Money

Our database is filled with Petro ONLY businesses, so you can know the number you’re getting is based on proprietary information that NOBODY else has. (Also, we will NEVER put your financial data on someone else’s report.)

What Marketers Are Saying About Our Valuations

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