THE Petro Conference for Women Leaders, June 25-26

The Ultimate Financial Strategies Series

This series consists of four hour-long sessions covering the implementable steps for:

  • Financial Analysis—Income statement and balance sheet management is critical to the health of your business. Spot potentially dangerous trends before they threaten you. What does your banker really want to see on your financial statements? Given the size of actual dollars run through a fuel operation, you might be in the top 10% of your bankers client base. Carefully review your statements, optimize your strengths and negotiate those interest rates down!
  • Cash Flow—Profit and cash don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Learn the banker’s method of cash flow to analyze what is happening to your cash and why! Then, Betsi will walk you through specific proven ways to increase your actual cash balance.
  • What’s Its Worth—Knowing the value of your business is the most critical information you should have at your fingertips. Learn how to find the true value of your company with Betsi’s step-by-step methods. Also, keep this valuation tool at hand and never overpay for an acquisition. Learn why EBITDA multipliers just don’t work!
  • Get Efficient or Get Out—Today’s super competitive marketplace means you have two choices — get incredibly efficient at serving your best customers or get out of business. Learn why speed, flexibility and focus on best customers from top leadership down to the lowest level employee have never been more important. Betsi reveals the cost of the most common petroleum company system inefficiencies and how to cure them. 

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