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Build A Succession Plan That Works

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Succession | 0 comments

This video is for you (if you want to set your next-gen leaders up for success).

Do you want to leave your business to your next generation leaders?

We made this video for you.

In family business, there are some wild stories about succession plans. Parents leaving the business to kids with no real preparation, and no roadmap to future success. For those we talk with who’ve lived through that kind of transition…it’s not a fun memory for them.

Do you want a clear plan to set your next-generation leaders up for success?

We’ve designed the FOCA 2019 (Focus On Competitive Advantage) to help you set your next-gens up for a bright future in your business. Give them the skills they need, surround them with the right connections, then watch them succeed.

Watch the video for the first step in building a solid succession plan.

If you’d like to learn more about the Focus on Competitive Advantage event, you can talk to a specialist for a confidential conversation, or call us directly at (817) 594-0546.


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