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Reason #5: Petro Acquisitions Fall Apart

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Petro | 0 comments

We all know what Assuming does…

Negotiations are hard! Have you ever thought you’re on the same page…and all of a sudden things fall apart?

After 25+ years of helping Petro marketers buy and sell, we’ve collected the top 6 reasons negotiations break down in the Petro Industry. We posted Reason #6 earlier this week, and here’s #5…

Reason #5 Assuming They Use Your Financial Methods

A lack of understanding of the other party’s financial methods can cause unnecessary red flags and tension during due diligence. To illustrate this point, let us share one common problem area––gross profit. You would think that with something as basic and critically important as gross profit, everyone would be on the same page. But it’s not true!

Right now you have a certain way you calculate gross profit. It could be the right way, or it could be the wrong way and you don’t know it, or it could simply be a different way than the other company. It could be how delivery costs, or discounts, or hedging or who knows what else, is accounted for.

Want to know how to solve this problem? Download our handy PDF guide, and learn this and 5 other ways you can keep your negotiations running smoothly!

No matter what side of the table you’re on, Meridian can help you through it.

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A quick conversation with our specialists could turn your next buy/sell negotiation into a triumph.


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