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One Petro Marketer’s Path To AMAZING Growth

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Petro | 0 comments

(Note: Some might not believe this happened, but it did. Some won’t believe it could happen to them, but with an unstoppable mindset, and the right tools…it can.)

We had a guy start the M-Power™ program 10 years ago at 30 million gallons. He set a personal goal to hit 100 million gallons.

He hit it.

He set a new goal. 500 million gallons.

Hit that too.

He hit 1.3 billion gallons this year. After 10 years in M-Power™, with us working with him and his senior leadership team, he set a new goal.

It’s a big, hairy, and audacious goal for his business. 5 billion gallons.

That might sound crazy to you, but we designed the M-Power™ program to continually accelerate family owned Petro businesses towards their goals…no matter HOW big their goals are.

What are your goals for 2020?

Want to accelerate them?

Talk to one of our family business specialists about M-Power™.

(Or visit the M-Power page here)


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