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Great Communication!!!

Better Performance Through Better Communication

Miscommunication kills teams. Right communication lets you move every project forward with ease. Bring your team closer together for bigger results!

Level Up Your Teams!

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M-Power Delivers Powerful Outcomes

Petro industry insights with weekly coaching sessions delivering strategies that lead to high profits and growth.

Beat Your Competition

Competitive analysis that goes beyond data to deliver a laser focused report providing clarity on current business status and paths to your biggest opportunities.

Outside Expertise

Private CEO consultations with Meridian Founder Betsi Bixby, along with the hottest industry intel while gaining critical insights from outside experts.

Actionable Weekly Strategies

Focused weekly training topics give your family petro business the strategies to adapt to change and leverage best practices for growth in 2020.

Hands-On Leadership Development

M-Power takes your family petro business to the next level providing insights on how to encourage and grow leadership capacity with your teams.

On Demand Answers

Our elite members don’t wait, they get answers to difficult situations immediately.  One phone call gives critical answers to move your business forward.

Clear Financial Reporting

Maximize your profit and market opportunities with a precision valuation.  Over 50 years of experience with confidential valuations accepted by Banks and the IRS.

Online Learning

M-Power offers 24 hour access to a rich library of online resources. offers money-making tips, downloadable tools, and weekly topical webinars.

Strategies of Role Transfers

M-Power helps you create a framework for successful position transfers at all levels of your business, from CSR to CEO.  We help set your employees up for success.
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