What To Do When You Need Fresh Marketing To Beat Tough Competition

Taking your family Petro business to the next level requires fresh thinking, especially when it comes to your marketing strategies.

When Mark took over his family Petro business, he was looking for fresh ways to market and grow the company in a competitive Pacific Northwest market.

He’d heard about Meridian through family connections, but really started paying attention after looking for expert Petro articles on the web. He jumped into PetroAnswers and got some immediate results.


“…Meridian gave me access to perspectives, and gave me an opportunity to really be truthful about what was going on, what was going right.”


After connecting online, Mark went to his first Meridian live event (Focus on Competitive Advantage) to maintain his focus on growth and fresh ways to market his business.


“(at my first FOCA) I walked in the door at the cocktail thing and she (Betsi) pulled four people aside and sat me down with them and it was just great. It was exactly what I was looking for. I really figured out what I knew, and what I didn’t know.”


From that FOCA event, he invested in the Advanced Marketing Strategies course to boost his strategic marketing skills, and now has taken his entire team through it.

Mark makes no bones about the fact he’s always looking for innovative solutions to grow and market his family Petro business, and that’s what he says naturally led him to Meridian. As he grows, he’s always on the lookout for resources like the Advanced Marketing Strategies course as an investment in his future.


“Think of everything you said we would do if there was only time…Do that. That pays back. That’s an investment.”

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Then stop throwing away your hard-earned money on marketing that doesn’t work anymore!

Without leaving your office, get totally up to date on the latest low-cost marketing strategies that produce more sales and profits right now in today’s economy where customers are more informed and cost-conscious than ever!

If you are not satisfied with your current revenue and volume, yet want to keep your sales marketing costs down, or frustrated with not knowing ROI on marketing you suspect isn’t even working anymore (think yellow pages), then you want to know…

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