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Increase the value of your family petroleum business

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You can’t control the market, so how are you supposed to control profits?


Do your margins swing up and down?


Do you struggle to control cash flow?


Are you growing as fast as you planned?


Is your team overworked and overwhelmed


Are you hitting your sales targets?


Do you have trouble retaining employees & drivers?


Betsi I have had so many positive experiences with Meridian over the last 10 years. Every dollar I have spent working with Betsi and her staff has been returned to me tenfold. Meridian is your best connection to finding solutions to growing your business profitably.

Bill Rawson

Former President of Cardwell Distributing

Being in M-power has been extremely valuable to improving our bottom line. With the training we have received we have increased our profits, have better hiring practices, and overall process improvements across the enterprise. Betsi and her team stay focused on helping family business in this complex time to be in business.

Jodi Teal
President, Davidson Oil

Our family business connected with Betsi nearly a decade ago. Her methods have helped us to grow to heights that we only dreamed of before we met Betsi. She introduced us to her quick cash fixes and they set us on a path to double digit growth for 5 years running …

Bill Gallagher

Offen Petroleum

At Meridian we help you grow:

Higher Profits

Control Over Cash Flow

Strategic Growth Plans

Strong Family Relationships

Financial Security for the Future

Employee Retention Rates

Increased Sales

A Legacy That Reflects Your Values

3 Easy Steps to Petro Success:

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Grow your petro business and build a legacy of financial security for generations to come

What Makes Meridian So Different?

At Meridian we know that your petro business is more than just a business. You are building a legacy. Legacy-building is no easy feat, especially in an industry as volatile as the petroleum market.

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From entry-level online courses to our platinum-level M-Power coaching program, Meridian equips owners to boost efficiency, control cash and increase profits, all while building a quality company culture that enriches the lives of its employees.

At Meridian we specialize in growing multi-generational family petro businesses that will provide financial security and peace of mind for generations to come.

Discover how the Meridian M-Power Program has helped businesses like yours double in revenue

Empower your market with our comprehensive petroleum business coaching program.

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This total education system will help you and your team learn how to:


Be Strategic: Grow faster AND smarter


Create Culture: Make your team happier and more productive


Boost Efficiency: Streamline processes for higher profit


Expand and Diversify: Create new revenue streams


Grow Your Margins: Increase cash flow with Meridian’s insider tips

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