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Dollars & Sense

*The startling truth is that even your most ‘loyal and committed’ employees are unknowingly costing you money simply because of “basic” financial information they have never been taught. That can change right now…

Would You Like Your Staff To Save You Money, Increase Your Profits, & Improve Your Cash-flow Without Any Investment Of Your Time Or Effort?

Sound like wishful thinking? Read on because I assure you it is true and it is brought to you by two of the most trusted names in the industry – SIGMA & Meridian Associates!

Meridian Associates has a phenomenal reputation in the Petro Industry with CEOs and CFOs who want the highest return on investment for their time and effort. We have worked with over 3,500 Marketers to help them increase cash and profits, trim the fat and eliminate the waste and losses, merge, acquire or sell their business with absolute confidence that they were getting the maximum value while maintaining secrecy and discretion.

If you are like any of our “high octane” clients, you recognize the value of drilling this information down the ranks but are too busy to do it yourself. That’s why we have teamed up with SIGMA to bring you a program that requires none (that’s zero) of your personal time…you simply choose your middle management staff and we train them for you!

SIGMA & Meridian Associates are proud to bring you the first in a series of special services that train your staff about the essentials of company cash and profit:


Dollars & Sense


Dollars and Sense

Because financial common sense is not so common and how important company finances are to the survival, growth and prosperity of every organization…we knew this would be a major benefit for your business.


Your staff can participate in this ‘state of the art’ web based training with minimal down time as they discover:

  • The fundamentals and essentials of industry P&L’s and balance sheets so that your essential numbers become their crucial metrics
  • A working grasp of key components to industry cash flow and take steps to bring more money in faster while saving cash that goes straight to your bottom line. (It is not uncommon for our clients to experience immediate increases in cash flow, substantial cost reductions and improved profits from merely the cash flow principles we teach.)
  • A better understanding and appreciation of their personal role and effect on profit and cash!
  • Responsibility or as we like to break it down: Response-ability…this means your staff can respond appropriately to things that arise with the understanding of their financial impact to your company numbers.
  • The know-how to make positive impact on cash and profits!

There is simply no better way to leverage your “human resources” than training them with Dollars & Sense!

This not to be missed webinar “e-class” consists of 3 sessions which will be delivered over a three week period. Your staff will be able to download each session and participate at their own speed!
Tuition is only $995 – and best of all, an unlimited number of your team members can participate for one low fee without ever leaving the office!




You can enroll by phone by calling