Power Up Your Petro Business, CEO Exchange June 30 - July 1, 2020
From Challenge to Opportunity

2 Days to Power Up Your Petro Business So You Can Thrive During Turbulent Times

June 30 – July 1

“This event is a fuel industry “major” – one event that I go out of my way to attend every year. From the speakers to the other attendees to the round table discussions, I return home with concrete action items that have helped me drive Offen’s culture and bottom line. CEOX was my first exposure to many of the ideas and tools Offen has used to grow our business more than 10x to over a billion gallons.”

-Bill Gallagher, Offen Petroleum
(Bill’s Signed Up For 2020, Ready to Hop on A Plane!)

What Are The Benefits For You?

Ways To Remove Barriers To Growth In 2020

Strategies That Will Make Your Company More Money
Overcome Personnel and Family Challenges Stunting Your Organization

What Is The CEO Exchange?

As a leader, we know the stress of trying to build your business. Unanswered questions and nagging frustrations can take their toll on you every day.

What if there was a way to get away, discover new solutions, and get energized to implement the fresh ideas your Petro business needs to grow?

The CEO Exchange is that place.

-Surround Yourself With A Talented Group Of Petro Leaders Growing Their Family Businesses

-Fresh Insights Into Your Business From Leading Experts

-New Strategies For This Current Market With A Detailed Economic Forecast

-Find Actionable Answers To Your Most Challenging Questions

-Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet In The Power-Packed CEOX Environment

What Makes CEOX Unique?

Network With Other PETRO CEOs finding success
Ideas Proven To Impact The Bottom Line Of Petro Companies Like Yours

“The breakout sessions and ability to network and exchange ideas was great. I’m walking away with 7 practical money-making new ideas plus ways to communicate vision and mission.”

-Ron Van De Pol, Van De Pol Enterprises


Tickets include two full days of speaker presentations, all meals and snacks, after parties, swag, conference notes, and full access to our event resource site

JUNE 30-July 1, 2020 | DALLAS, TX
Four Seasons Resort and Club at Las Colinas


$ 3,495.00

per person

Click Here For Full Schedule of Events

Arrival: 6:00 – 9:00 Informal gathering (lobby bar, non-hosted)

Day 1:

7:30 – Full Breakfast Buffet and Registration

8:00 – Welcome and Introductions

8:30 – Dr. Elko

10:00 – Break

10:30 – Insights: Betsi Bixby & Meridian Team

11:00 – Exchange Session One

12:00 – Scrumptious Lunch Buffet

1:00 – Workshop

3:00 – Exchange Session Two

4:00 – Time With Meridian Team

5:00 – Wrap up: Day One

5:30 – Hosted Wine & Dine (on site)

Day 2:

7:30 – Breakfast Buffet

8:00 – Insights: Betsi Bixby & Meridian Team

8:45 – Exchange Session Three

10:00 – Break

10:30 – Robert Dye

12:00 – Lunch Buffet

1:00 – Insights: Betsi Bixby & Meridian Team

2:00 – Turning Ideas into Powerful Actions – Betsi Bixby

3:00 – The CEO Exchange 2020 Ends

Rest At The Best

This year’s CEOX is hosted at The Four Seasons Resort and Club at Las Colinas.

One of the finest resorts in Texas, it’s the perfect place to enjoy top-notch amenities while getting top notch business solutions and networking.

We’ve reserved a special group rate, just let them know you’re with CEOX.

4150 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75038
(972) 717-0700s

Wisdom in Time of Change

Our world has changed in 2020, and every business is feeling the effects.

As Petro leaders, this isn’t business as usual. You have a whole new set of circumstances to adapt to. That makes the core content of our CEOX 2020 speakers even more critical.

Motivate and coach your people to perform. Develop and execute the right plans to drive your business forward. Understand the economic trends that will require you to shift.

You are the leader your company needs right now. CEOX is designed for you.



Award Winning Macroeconomic Forcaster

Dr. Dye is the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at Comerica Bank. He’s an award-winning macroeconomic forecaster, nationally recognized as one of the most accurate predictors of the economy. With a background in Petro, including a degree in Petroleum Engineering and a PhD in Energy Management and Policy, Dr. Dye shares deep insights into the developing economic trends your Petro business needs to know.


Coaching Expert

Business Motivation That Takes You To New Levels Of Success

Dr. Elko is a coach for coaches, including a bevy of NFL and professional sports franchises, along with top NCAA teams as well. He specializes in helping business leaders get the motivation to set clear and achievable goals that energize their organizations. The author of multiple books, he can always be found at www.drelko.com.


Founder of Meridian

Turning Your Ideas Into Powerful Actions To Propel Your Business

Betsi has been working with petro marketers for over 25 years, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about the strategies that help petro companies grow. She’s the founder of Meridian, and has helped develop processes that has benefited over 3,900 marketers, covering a variety of critical areas, from cash flow, increasing volume, to succession and leaving a legacy.

About Us

Most petro marketers feel nagging frustration trying to build their company. So we’ve created a simple process that helps rapidly grow your value.

For over 25 years, we’ve helped the leaders of 3,900 marketers find the best processes, lower their personal stress levels, and grow their business.

Join us at CEOX, and see how we can help you too.

Your Top Questions

Can I really leave my financials at home?
In a word… yep. We want you to step out of the day to day operations, and view your business from 30,000 feet, so you can get strategic solutions for growth.
What can I expect from the exchanges?
Each of our CEO exchange sessions is strategically designed to give you actionable ideas to tackle your biggest challenges this year. A focus on your business, and what you need to thrive
What kind of guarantees can you give me?
Bottom-line, if you aren’t satisfied with CEOX, you’ll get your money back guaranteed. Our goal is for companies to, at minimum, get 5x the value of their investment, with 10x and beyond a number companies are hitting frequently. Come. You won’t be disappointed!
Is my competition coming?
The basis for Meridian CEO events is trust, but we can’t guarantee your competition won’t show up (top leaders from many companies are coming). However, we will work to make sure you’re never in the same exchange, and never in a compromising situation.
Is it relaxing?
Well, it’s certainly energizing! The hotel is fantastic, the food is terrific, and the other attendees and the speakers are all top notch. We’ve purposefully kept things fast paced, and we’ve gotten overwhelming feedback that leaders leave CEOX with ideas that help them relax in the long run by getting solutions that supercharge their business for the coming year.
What if I have more questions?

Visit us at www.askmeridian.com, and contact one of our team members to get the answers you need! We are here to serve.

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