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Securing the right buyer AND the right price for your family business

We understand that you’re a family business and finding the right buyer is equally as important as getting top dollar.  Fortunately, with Meridian, you can have both!

When Only The RIGHT Buyer Will Do…

Meridian hand picks buyers. With our 30 years of relationships within the industry, we match you to the right buyer, taking careful consideration of culture fit – which will mean less integration headaches! We understand sellers care about their team and customers, and want a smooth transition.

Complete Confidentiality 

Meridian’s hallmark is confidentiality. We use proprietary processes that protect the seller’s most private information. Meridian orchestrates the delicate timing of employee and customer notification to ensure a smooth transition.

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  • The Right Price
  • The RIGHT Buyer
  • Smooth Transaction
“We could not have done this without you.”

Jo Morris  Morris Petroleum, Inc

“Thanks for your help. Meridian is the best!”

Jay Johnson, Johnson General Stores

“Thanks for a wonderful transaction and getting the deal done!”

Holly Coppetti, W.H. Breshears, Inc.

“I’m a changed man. I threw my alarm clock in the trash. Every one of my friends think you saved my life.”

John Sylvester  A&W Oil and Tire

The Meridian Difference
  • We have over 20 years of successful track history – our transactions are known for customer retention
  • Our valuation database of family Petro businesses is unmatched, giving you the most accurate value possible for your family business
  • We SAVE sellers money in attorney fees! We handle all the documentation, and the seller’s attorney only needs to review, not prepare, documents.
  • Meridian can find a way through even the most difficult family circumstances – even sales situations other professionals gave up on
  • Meridian works with family businesses regardless of size, asset age, or condition
  • We can handle “sector only” sales, when owners want to divest part(s) of the business and keep others
  • You receive full transparency and decide your involvement level. You are in the driver’s seat
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